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Earn money by answering surveys. Collect points and convert them into money. Paid surveys are the easiest way to make money online. Most surveys last 5-20 minutes. We aim to give you the highest payouts for every completed survey! More money to you!


2022-11-24 - Get ready for our Black Friday deal! 30?tter payout on all surveys untill Monday 28/11!

2022-11-12 - Black month starts now. You will get 10% higher compensation for every completed survey for the rest of the month. There will be even better closer to Black Friday!

2022-09-04 - Congratulations to Viktor Forsberg. The winner of the SuperPresentkort, worth 50 SEK. Thanks to everyone who competed by sharing the tweet on Twitter and on Facebook. Please follow us for a chance next time there is an competition.

2022-07-30 - Summerfeeling - 20% higher compensation for every completed survey until sunday 7/8 22.00.

2022-05-26 - A new campaign! 15% higher compensation for every completed survey until friday 3/6 22.00. Thats 8 days with better payout!

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Start earning money with PB Surveys. Use the money to invest in any indexfund or in the stockmarket. The payout metod is PayPal and Swish and there will be more payout metods in the future

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As a member of the PB Surveys community, you will be able to earn some extra money by sharing your opinion whenever it fits into your schedule. You will not only get paid by sharing your opinion but will also help shape how the world will look tomorrow and for years to come.

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We at PB Surveys love surveys. The idea is to collect the best surveys and to offer you the highest payouts! For each completed survey, you will get rewarded. We hope to give you a chance to make some extra money and hopefully this will make your personal finances stronger. Surveys are an easy way to strengthen your wallet. Maybe this can be a start for you to invest your money or just build a financial buffer.